What makes MyWorkPal unique?

There are several aspects that can cause concern for firms choosing an employee benefits communications system. MyWorkPal addresses these common challenges as it has been built specifically with those challenges in mind:

Flex Benefits are fully Integrated with Human Resources

It is rare to find a system that fully integrates a single employee database across flexible benefits and HR for usability for both staff self-service and admin, e.g. for much easier payroll reporting. Our sister company Avantus HR allows us to do just that with their WORKPLACEone platform. As we share common technology, our modules are fully compatible and are driven by the exact same source of data, making your tasks far more efficient and slick. Better still, it all works on tablet, desktop and mobile, even for the Administrators functions. This is very smart combination is unique among workplace platforms.

Forgotten Passwords

We’ve all got too many passwords, so we forget the ones we rarely use. To overcome this, you have the option to allow employees to link their familiar social logins, such as Google+, Facebook and Windows Live. They can even Single Sign-On directly from their Office 365 account without needing to login. Not only does it make life easier for staff doing required tasks, it also means they are more inclined to use the other benefits and become more engaged.

Ultra-Fast and Efficient Setup

Our multi-tenanted technology means that setting up each client is very fast and easy. No longer will it take you days, weeks or months, it’s a just matter of hours or even less for a simple scheme. Furthermore, you don’t even need to get us involved: just use the tools to set the configuration and off you go. Better still, there’s no setup charge for each employer, just a low monthly fee.

Business Independence

Many employee benefit software firms are tied to pension providers or regulated intermediaries, making it very difficult periodically to migrate all clients to a new system, which itself has to be learnt from scratch, causing massive upheaval and disruption. MyWorkPal is independent of any regulated firm, resulting in no risk of us competing with you and enabling you to keep all corporate clients on one consistent platform, even when your pension providers change over time.

Addressing Rare Usage

Some employers only have an annual window for employee choices, with very few benefits, so users rarely visit and are therefore not as engaged as they could be. MyWorkPal can provide employees with meaningful engagement tools (e.g. D2C financial products, holiday and absence recording, expenses management, personal calculators, data-driven recommendations, other HR tools, etc), so they have a need to visit far more frequently.

Orphaned Employees

When an employee leaves, they no longer require access to their employer’s system on your platform. However, some employees may also be private clients of yours. MyWorkPal is portable, so orphaned employees can still access their private information via your own-branded platform, with the previous employer information no longer there.

You then have continuity of the relationship and will be in a much better position to cross and upsell other products and services into the future.

Commercial Challenges

Costly installation for each Employer

Several firms will charge you many thousands just to set up each new employer on your system. MyWorkPal has no setup fee for each employer, only time-and-materials for customisation (if you require it). We can afford to do this thanks to our multi-tenanted technology.

Contract Renewal Licences

Other companies will charge you a very hefty licence renewal fee every few years just to be permitted to continue using your core system. MyWorkPal has no such contract renewal payment. Once your system is set up, then it’s set up. The only other core system licence costs are the monthly per-company and per-employee fees.

Affordable and Efficient Monthly Licensing Model

We have deliberately adopted a monthly per-employee licence model, rather than an enormous one-off installation fee or fixed monthly fee. We believe the per-employee model is the fairest method, for the following reasons:

  1. Initial setup fees are lower, as the risk is taken by us and the core software development costs are spread over time and across several MyWorkPal clients.
  2. A fixed monthly licence fee would seem very high initially (making you unhappy), but as your user-base grows, that fixed fee would soon be too low to cover our internal support costs (making us unhappy), thus requiring renegotiation and dissatisfaction on both sides. Instead, we have a stepped economy of scale on a per-employee basis, which ensures you are paying a fair and proportional fee for the usage of your system, whether large or small.
  3. The per-employee licence fee includes upgrades and new features that other firms may have contributed towards, which then become a core part of the system. You become part of a crowd-development for the greater benefit of all. If you only had a single installation without ongoing licensing then you would not benefit from this ongoing development programme.