MyWorkPal is modular, so you can make available only the content and features that are right for the company (Corporate Advisers can create and manage multiple companies on their own multi-tenanted platform for a true enterprise level of service). Each of the features can be switched on and off, with the added facility for you to write your own descriptive content, or create new selection options of your own with the “benefit builder”, or even link to third party benefits. Therefore you have the option to vary the modules through the simple control panel.

Examples of modules that you can include are:

Pension Communication

Provision of policy information, documentation and pension valuations for all staff. This can link to your back office system if required.

Financial Education

Targeted content for employees in your own words, assisting with their understanding of their benefits and your ability to help them to identify and achieve their financial goals in life.

Retirement Tools and Annuities

Communicate with near- and at-retirement staff with planning calculators and a live comparative annuity quotations integrated with iPipeline.

Flexible Benefits

Allow employees to adjust their benefits using flex technology, with all relevant communications and data trails being correctly assigned and managed.

Group Risk, Health and Protection

Add more to your cross-selling products than just words and background information. You can enable employees to interact with live quotes and online management tools.

Voluntary Benefits

Beyond the core pension and health/protection benefits, employees massively value additional options that make their life easier. One of MyWorkPal’s key differentiators.

Rewards and Discounts

The high emotional value of these benefits far outweighs the low cost in terms of employee engagement; a big growth area for employee retention and satisfaction.

Consumer e-vouchers

Add these to MyWorkPal from your preferred provider; our system is planning for the future when it’ll be simply bleeped via smartphones with no printing needed.

Reporting and Analysis

All correct reporting is processed for you. You can even modify and create your own reports and data filters, which you can export in your preferred format.

Salary Sacrifice

Or in its other preferred term “Salary Exchange”; you control the whats and the hows with MyWorkPal calculating and reporting everything in the background for you.

Total Reward Statements

This can be split into two if required, with separate TRS and Flex Statements to make things easier for employees to understand the structures more clearly.

Holiday / Absence Management

A calendar can be more than booking time away and associated reporting; it can also help to arrange meetings internally and externally, even integrating with other calendars.

Document Library for Payslips and Contracts

Upload policy documents, contracts, payslips, P60s, P11Ds, etc. Even allow staff to upload their own documents for safekeeping with better efficiency and ease of access.

Employee Engagement and Communication

Proper two-way engagement relevant to an employee’s personal situation is far more valuable for all parties than just taking at them. We use real data to make this possible.

Human Resources and Payroll Reports

Our optional HR modules are truly and properly integrated within MyWorkPal. The Payroll reports even pull data directly from each employee’s flexible benefits selections.

Workplace Savings and ISAs

The RDR has driven away many mid-net-worths onto generic Direct platforms. Win them back by offering your own workplace investment platform. We can show you how.

Financial Calculators for Consumers

Employees are a canny bunch, so make them cannier with calculators on Pensions, ISAs, Mortgages, IHT, etc; after all, many of them could be your private clients of tomorrow.


Simplify and automate your data transfers, either via a live API integration, or a secure scheduled data transfer using SFTP. MyWorkPal can be set up for both.

Don’t stop just yet…

This list only touches the surface of what’s possible. You can create your own modules with our “benefit builder” which is included with MyWorkPal.

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