“Calc Engine” web-enables your own calculators and ATR profilers

Configure your own financial calculators, risk profilers and other logical decision trees for clients to use online

MyWorkPal’s latest module, Calc Engine, is perfect for firms seeking an interactive platform that supports financial education. Online financial calculators are increasingly being used to streamline the corporate advice process, particularly when an adviser is visiting high volumes of employees. If … Continued

Communicating 2015 Pension Reforms – A Sales Opportunity.

Don't try to force-feed jargon to the uninterested, get them excited about their future instead.

It’s widely known that employers have little confidence in their staff’s awareness of the new-for-2015 retirement income options. Here’s a recent supporting example from a survey by Wealth at Work: http://bit.ly/12WtDZ4 Whilst some employees may be getting basic information such … Continued

Direct to Consumer in the Workplace

Make use of cross-selling opportunities to employees

A comprehensive workplace engagement platform should enable much more than just communicating benefits and company information with employees. Well-engaged staff look at their company brand with a feeling of trust and belonging. It follows that if their company offers them … Continued

21st Century Employee Engagement: Introduction

Millennial employee engagement - Introduction

As the information age continues unabated, the increasing number of Generation-Y staff in the workplace means that the accepted methods of employee benefits and communication are changing. Developments in technology, information and libertarian values are empowering modern workers to prefer … Continued