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What made us take this different approach when creating MyWorkPal?

A convergence of many factors was driving business change in the financial services industry, mostly as follows:

  • The post-2008 weak UK economy limited investment in new financial services technology
  • The subsequent Retail Distribution Review made it hard for advisers to justify maintaining legacy private clients affordably
  • Auto-Enrolment for SMEs then came along, squeezing margins even tighter
  • Employee communication was traditionally only one-way information, not truly reciprocal engagement
  • The narrow and silo’d relationships between Advisers, Providers and Technology companies left many gaps to fill

At Avantus Systems we have a unique vantage point over Product Providers, Platforms, Intermediaries, Technology Companies and Consumers, which resulted in this clear vision and fresh approach. The opportunity was there, an open door.

We identified how to combine a solution to address all the above using intelligent data, so that the market would have access to technology which was more functional, flexible, integrated, reliable and lower cost than anything so far available.

This is now all available in MyWorkPal and continues to evolve. One thing is clear: it’s not a product to be flogged and forgotten, it’s a journey to be joined and improved.